I am like you, on a pilgrimage through this epic journey called life.

I am a lover of  nature, adventure and authenticity.

I believe in keepin’ it real and fierce conversations.

I am passionate about health and wellness and wholeness – mind, body and spirit.

I am trying to figure out my God-given purpose so I can give back and help others.

I love the outdoors and enjoying the Aotearoa native bush and coastline with my Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

I love to capture beauty through the lens of my Nikon and express emotion through penned thoughts.   

I welcome new travelling companions along the way,

So let’s encourage and support each other and walk this path together.

Mai i toku ngakau 



Once you are real you can’t become unreal again.  It lasts for always.

The Velveteen Rabbit.

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