Independence Day

It’s over a year now since my “Independence Day”.

The end of the marriage occurring a lot earlier but the milestone of standing on my own two feet, and thriving worth noting.

I may not have all the material possessions he took with him or the money he promised but I have gained so much more.

The girls and I are resilient.

We are a team and much closer and stronger than before.

Love always wins over fear and control and manipulation and shaming.

The hurt of being let down by those in church leadership has lessened and my faith in God grew stronger.

The difficulties have all been opportunities for growth.

I challenged the false belief that I wasn’t worthy of love and refused to let the feeling of being unloved define me.

I resolved to stop the blame game and playing the victim and work on changing the things I had the power to change and making choices on what I would accept or walk away from.

Every day I choose to be grateful for everything the girls and I have rather than focus on worrying about what I think we need.

I choose to embrace life – show up and make the most of every opportunity rather than hide away and die a little more each day.

Life may have knocked me down but I’ve come back stronger than ever.

So this my “Independence Day” I will celebrate all our successes rather than mourn any “would have, could have maybes”!

Kia kaha!


Mai i toku ngakau,



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