Cut the crap

The last few weeks have been all about getting some s#!t sorted and cutting through the crap!

Kick-starting some new healthy habits and kicking some people and stuff in my life to the curb.

There have only been a couple of days since January 7 that I’ve stood Mr. Xterra up and forfeited the sweat-drenched, heart-pounding, body- aching sessions and the scales have indicated the 10-kg loss of lard.

It hasn’t involved any weird and wonderful diet plan or network marketed supplement – just good wholesome clean nutritious food with the flexibility of some McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and Indian takeaways for convenience plus a few lunch and dinner dates thrown in to keep things in balance!

I’ve given up on the “I’m not allowed mantra and traded it with “I choose to…”.

Sometimes the consequences of my choices hurt – like running on the treadmill after a bottle of Sav the night before, but even my booze binges seemed to have lost their grip on me.

It has been so liberating to release some habits and people in my life that are no longer contributing to me becoming the best version of myself.

The sense of freedom has been exhilarating and at the expense of an eye roll from my daughters – I’ve been free to be me!

A happier more balanced and grounded and passionate about life me without all my old drugs of choice dulling my senses.

Every day I’m discovering the strength of gratitude and how doing life with great curiosity and noticing the best in people and circumstances seems to attract more of the same.

And the greatest thing about it all?

Cutting through the crap has cleared space and made way for new epic adventures and exciting paths to explore have appeared.

Bring it on – Carpe diem!

Mai i toku ngakau,


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