Heart Pounding Love

I think I’m in love?!

He gets me all hot and sweaty and gasping for breath;

For 10 days running, I’ve leant into his strong, outstretched arms –

Perspiration dripping off me,

Legs aching,

Body sore,

But feeling Oh so damn good!

Once we’re done I shower and get on with my day;

I don’t have to cook for him,

Pick up after him,

or even do his laundry!

I don’t have to worry about hurting his feelings or damaging his ego,

And he always manages to get my heart racing –

Mr X and I are a match made in heaven – Mr X my Xterra treadmill that is!

With good intentions and some solid plans in place after some meaningful goal-setting sessions prior to New Years Eve I crashed and burned with the first few days of the year a blur of eliminating all the Christmas treats in the house – via my stomach, drinking far too much and a movie binge in my curtain-drawn lounge when every other New Zealander was away enjoying the sunshine and the beach.

I stuffed up a date for one of my relief milking jobs and set off a day too early, realising when I was halfway there so I detoured via the supermarket and bought a box of Corona and headed home and drank the lot in one sitting instead of my usual two.

I didn’t even feel tipsy……. just blah.

That’s when I knew enough was enough.

Time to give booze a break for a bit and start looking after my body with nourishing food again.

Now only 10-days down the track my head is clearer, my motivation is high and the scales are finally heading in the right direction and I haven’t missed a date with Mr X!

When shit hits the fan my go-to method for feeling better has always been the choice of sex, booze or food.

A good pound on the pavement seems a far healthier option but for now, I’ll settle for Mr X in the privacy of my home before I jiggle and wobble out in public!

So raise a soda water filled glass with me and toast the new year, new beginnings and new habits.



Mai i toku ngakau,



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