The Emerging

The excitement is already starting to build.

The countdown to this year finally being done and dusted and can take its place in the annals of history.

And what an annus horribilis it has been!

Goodbye circumstances of life ripping me from the life I love living and working on the land;

Hello exciting new opportunities.

Goodbye mind-numbing existence trying to peddle a green-washed product for a corporation led by a culture of bullying;

Hello self-employment where you don’t have to kiss your bosses arse coz you are the boss!

Goodbye bullshit charade of a marriage;

Hello not needing a man in my life to complete me.

Goodbye lies and deceit;

Hello openness and authenticity.

Goodbye dopamine hits from food and booze;

Hello adrenaline highs from exercise.

Goodbye bitterness and disappointment;

Hello love and gratitude.

Goodbye holding on;

Hello letting go.

Goodbye hiding behind my many masks;

Hello to being real.


You’re a fresh start.

And a new beginning.

Hopes and dreams will come alive again.

I’ve been cocooned for long enough –

It’s time to try my wings.

Annus Mirabilis everyone!


Mai i toku ngakau,





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